How is the 'birds-eye' view generated?

The system ECU (Electronic Control Unit) combines the images from the 4 cameras to produce a 'birds-eye' or 'look-down' view. There is no camera situated above the vehicle. The system is calibrated to the vehicle, once installed, to ensure that the correct view (no blind-spots) is achieved.

How can Omni-Van™ be utilised on a caravan?

The system is installed in exactly the same way as it would be to a motorhome or van, however, as the monitor will be located in the tow vehicle, an additional digital wireless (DW) transmitter & receiver is required to transmit the ECU video output to the car/monitor (additional cost of £100). A suzy cable, could also be utilised, however, this would require sockets to be mounted on the rear of the tow vehicle & the front of the caravan, therefore we recommend a DW solution.

Is Omni-Van™ suitable for large vehicles/motorhomes/caravans?

Yes, Omni-Van™ can be utilised on any size of vehicle, however, the system is only suitable for 12V applications. For 24V applications please see Omni-Vue™ .

Can Omni-Van™ be utilised with a DVR?

Yes, we can supply either a 2CH (SD) or 4CH (SSD) DVR, both include GPS & 3-axis shock sensor. The 4CH DVR records all 4 cameras and the 2CH DVR could record the front camera and the monitor display (ECU composite output).

Which front camera is best?

The Grille Mounted camera (opposite) is designed for non flat-fronted vehicles & to be mounted in the grille. The standard camera is ideal for flat fronted vehicles and can be mounted above or below the windscreen.

Can anyone install Omni-Van™?

Yes, although there are four cameras and running cables can be time consuming. We can arrange installation and our installation partner will also calibrate the system.

How long does it take to install Omni-Van™?

Omni-Van™ installation time depends on the type of vehicle; a panel van may only take 4-6 hours (from £350) and a 'coach built' motorhome as long as 16 hours, or as little as 6 hours. The time taken will also depend on whether cables are hidden behind panels etc or if sticky-back cable conduit is utilised. We offer an 'Economy' (from £400) & 'Premium' (from £550) motorhome / caravan installation service (conduit will be utilised for the Economy service, to speed installation). A local dealer etc may also be able to complete the installation and in a shorter time, as they should 'know their way around' the vehicle (we provide full installation instructions, as well as email/telephone support to both dealers and self-installers).

Why does Omni-Van™ have 2 monitor options?

The 7'' mirror mounted monitor provides an ideal & intuitive viewing location, however, some vehicles do not have a rear view mirror for the monitor to 'clip' on to. The 6'' monitor can be located on the dashboard or even the roof and a 7'' 'upgrade' option is also available.

NB. Vehicle DAB radio aerials are often located on the windscreen behind the rear view mirror & the 7'' mirror mounted monitor can cause interference; if in any doubt, please choose the 6'' or 7'' non mirror mounted monitors.